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Quezal, Decorated compote
Item # 2512006

Quezal, Decorated Compote

One of the characteristics of Quezal glass is the meticulousness of the form and decoration. While Tiffany allowed for imperfections in decoration and form, Quezal did not. 

This beautiful example shows how lovely the attention to detail is. The decoration is called fishnet and it's executed beautifully. The lovely green color contrasts nicely with the opal colored background. The gold iridescent decoration on the applied foot is called zipper and it was applied over the green decoration. The interior is gold iridescent stretch glass with brilliant iridescence. 

The compote has eight flutes, instead of the more common (and smaller) example with five flutes. Hand-engraved signature in the pontil Quezal S 738, with traces of gold. 5¼" tall x 6" diameter. Mint condition.