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Handel, Leaded lamp
Item # 2903100

Handel, Leaded Lamp

Handel is most famous for reverse-painted lamps, but they also made a limited number of leaded lamps. What's interesting is the number of fake Handel lamps. In my opinion there are many more fake Handel leaded lamps than authentic ones.

So it's very nice to be able to offer not only an authentic example, but a rare and beautiful one. Here are some interesting facts about this example.

1. The shade is square, with rounded corners. That makes it very rare and desirable.

2. It's beautiful, with striking red flowers on a green background.

3. The heat cap is square, something I've never seen before.

4. The base has four original sockets, with acorn pulls, for good illumination.

5. The base and shade are properly signed.

6. It's large, with a 20" square shade.

7. There are a number of cracked tiles (as evidenced in the photos).

It's a wonderful lamp for the right buyer. Please let me know.