Argy-Rousseau, Speckled Leaves Vase

Speckled Leaves Vase
Speckled Leaves Vase

The name of this pattern is Speckled Leaves -- a rare Argy-Rousseau pâte-de-verre vase with rich color and beautiful decoration. 6½" tall. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2512002
Price: N/A

Argy-Rousseau, Veilleuse


This Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre night light was difficult to photograph. It looks totally different, lit and unlit. It's a beautiful fuchsia color. I've taken a couple of daylight photos of the interior, so you can see how stupendous it really is. This ultimate Art Deco design is called Modern Foliage and was done in 1925. It's one of the most beautiful Argy lights I've ever had, bar none. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2411002
Price: N/A

Argy-Rousseau, Anemone Vase

Anemone Vase

You couldn't ask for a better example of this Argy-Rousseau Anemone vase.  The color is fabulous.  3" tall x 4¼" diameter.  Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2406002
Sold for $5,450 in 2014

Argy-Rousseau, Anemones Vase

Anemones Vase
Anemones Vase

The lovely green pastel colors on this petite Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre vase are delightful. The pattern is called Anemones. I've had it a number of times before, but never in this charming color combination. 3" tall x 4½" diameter. Signed. Mint condition. 

Item #: 2605006
Sold for $5,500 in 2016

Argy-Rousseau, Argy-Rousseau Vase

Argy-Rousseau Vase

Rare, large, impressive, colorful pâte-de-verre vase, entitled "Feuilles de Chandons" and illustrated as figure #27.01 in the Argy-Rousseau catalog raisonné. 9½". Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 0
Sold for $15,000

Argy-Rousseau, Ashtray


I don't suggest using this as an ashtray anymore, but that was the original intention.  Argy-Rousseau made beautiful Art Deco pate-de-verre objects and this one is no exception.  The colors are great and the Art Deco profile in the center is exceptional.  6½" long. Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2306051
Sold for $2,500 in 2014

Argy-Rousseau, Feuillage Moderne Vase

Feuillage Moderne Vase

Is this vase killer, or what?  Argy-Rousseau gave it the name Feuillages Moderne et aux Fleurs.  The design is high Art Deco, as it was done in 1925.  The color is astonishingly beautiful.  Very nice size at 10¼" tall.  Signed.  Mint condition.  For the best collections!

Item #: 2312007
Sold in 2014

Argy-Rousseau, Frame


This is the first time I've ever seen or owned an Argy-Rousseau frame. It's fabulous. Superb color and workmanship. I really love this frame. 4¾" wide x 4" tall for a 2" square picture. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 51219
Sold for $4,500

Argy-Rousseau, Geometric Vase

Geometric Vase

Fabulous color on this Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre geometric vase. Really nice size at 10" tall. Mint condition except for one very small open bubble near the foot (original to the making and only mentioned for accuracy.) Signed.

Item #: 2304011

Argy-Rousseau, Hortensias Box

Hortensias Box

Hydrangea is a beautiful flower that I grow in my garden. The hydrangea box comes in a variety of colors. This is the most beautiful example I've seen. 4" diameter. Pristine condition. Signed.

Item #: 1703048
Sold for $6,500

Argy-Rousseau, Lierres Vase

Lierres Vase

Lierres vase "Lierres". Beautiful color and condition. 3¼" tall x 4½" diam. Signed.

Item #: 51223
Sold for $5,750

Argy-Rousseau, Lion And Owl Vase

Lion And Owl Vase
Lion And Owl Vase

I've never owned this wonderful vase before.  Argy-Rousseau called it Lion et Chouette (Lion and Owl).  It's rare and beautiful.  5¾" tall.  Signed.  Mint condition, with some white spotting on the interior (only mentioned for accuracy).  For the best collections!

Item #: 2312006
Sold for $10,000 in 2013

Argy-Rousseau, Mask Vase

Mask Vase
Mask Vase
Mask Vase

This Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre vase is such a little beauty. It's got great color and a wonderful design. Argy-Rousseau liked masks and consequently used them on a number of different models. 4" tall. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2506050
Sold for $5,000 in 2015

Argy-Rousseau, Paperweight


This is the first time I've seen this very rare Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre elephant paperweight from 1928. 5¼" long x 4½" tall. Mint condition. Signed.

Item #: 2305011
Sold for $6,200

Argy-Rousseau, Pendant


Rare and beautiful colors on this rose pendant.   Mint condition.  Signed.  Great price.

Item #: 1911200
Sold for $1,400 in 2013

Argy-Rousseau, Poppy Atomizer

Poppy Atomizer

Rare atomizer in the poppy pattern. Excellent color and contrast. 8" to the top of the metal. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2005035
Sold for $3,000

Argy-Rousseau, Poppy Vase

Poppy Vase
Poppy Vase

I've bought and sold this Poppy pate-de-verre model of Argy-Rousseau several times before. This example is one of the best. The colors are fabulous, especially the red poppies against a background with splashes of green and purple. The condition is mint -- no cracks, chips or restoration. Signed. 7¼" tall.

Item #: 2503028
Sold for $15,000 in 2015

Argy-Rousseau, Poppy Vase

Poppy Vase

Hands down, this is the most beautiful Argy-Rousseau vase that I've had in years. Extraordinary color and condition. 7 1/8". Signed. Pristine condition.

Item #: 2002047
Sold for $15,750

Argy-Rousseau, Poppy Vase

Poppy Vase
Poppy Vase

I've been lucky the last few years to be able to acquire several examples of this wonderful Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre Poppy vase. This beautiful example is one of the finest, with warm splashes of ochre and yellow perfectly complementing the red-orange flowers. 7¼" tall. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2510114
Sold for $11,000 in 2016

Argy-Rousseau, Poppy Vase

Poppy Vase

I've only owned this Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre Poppy vase once before and sold it quickly.  It's a really outstanding example of his work. Great color.  7½" tall.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2311020
Sold for $15,400 in 2014

Argy-Rousseau, Prunis Vase

Prunis Vase

Fabulous pate-de-verre vase in the Prunis pattern. Great color. 5½" tall. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2210006

Argy-Rousseau, Sorbier Vase

Sorbier Vase

Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre vase in the Sorbiers pattern with especially fine color in the berries. 2½" tall x 3¼" diameter . Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2106030
Sold for $4,250

Argy-Rousseau, Sorbiers Vase

Sorbiers Vase
Sorbiers Vase

The Sorbiers pattern decorates a petite vase with colorful berries. I've owned this model before, so I can testify to the especially strong and vibrant colors of this example. If you're looking for a small, superior example of Argy-Rousseau pate-de-verre, this is for you. 2½" tall. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2603019
Sold for $4,500 in 2016