Andre Gisson, By The Lake

By The Lake

Lovely park scene by the lake, oil on canvas. Beautiful impressionist work. 16" x 20" + frame. Excellent condition except for one small restoration to the tree trunk. Signed. (#41165)

Item #: 41165
Sold for $2,650

Andre Gisson, Hillside


Oil on canvas of a mother and child on a hill with colorful trees. Beautifully painted. 16" x 20" canvas + beautiful frame. Perfect condition. (#00352)

Item #: 352

Andre Gisson, Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Huge oil on canvas of people and horses in front of Notre Dame. Superb example. 24" x 36" canvas + beautiful frame. Perfect condition. (#01101)

Item #: 1101

Andre Gisson, Painting


Early Gisson painting with flags on the building and the crowd out for a Sunday stroll.  There is no red in the sky.  It's in the photo only.  Fancy frame.  24" x 12" + frame.  Oil on canvas.  Excellent condition.  (#60239)

Item #: 60239

Andre Gisson, Paris Flower Seller

Paris Flower Seller

Very pretty Paris street scene with flower seller on the corner. Exceptional example. 16" x 20" + frame. Excellent condition. Signed. (#20348)

Item #: 20348

Andre Gisson, Paris Rainy Day

Paris Rainy Day

Pretty Paris street scene on a rainy day. Beautiful impressionist work. 20" x 16" + frame. Excellent original condition. Signed. (#10408)

Item #: 10408

Andre Gisson, Paris With Notre Dame

Paris With Notre Dame

Haven't had a Gisson painting for sale in quite some time.  Just bought this one straight from a house where the owner inherited it from his father, the original purchaser. It's a lovely oil on canvas of a Paris street scene with Notre Dame in the background.  It's large, 24" x 36" + the original frame.  Beautiful condition.

Item #: 2111005
Sold for $4,600