Schneider, Patelles Vase

Patelles Vase
Patelles Vase
Patelles Vase

Not very many Schneider vases have applications and even fewer have carved applications. That's what's makes this special vase important. The deep black side applications have beautifully hand-carved Art Deco decoration. Additionally the top rim is molten applied. As is frequently the case, the internal mottling is lovely. Nice size at 7¼" tall. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2506028
Price: N/A

Schneider, Perfume Bottle

Perfume Bottle

Schneider perfume bottles are rare.  This one is a beauty, in green, with controlled bubbles. The original stopper is deep amethyst, almost black.  Nice size at 8¾".  Signed.  The bottle is in mint condition, but the stopper has been broken and professionally repaired at the neck (and practically invisible). This $1,750 bottle is accordingly priced at $495.

Item #: 2312002
Price: $495

Schneider, Art Deco Handled Vase

Art Deco Handled Vase

I've recently gotten quite lucky to have acquired the best Schneider vases I've had in years.  This example is really fabulous.  The body of the vase is full of controlled bubbles.  But what makes the vase great are the applied jet-black handles, completely wheel-carved with fantastic Art Deco designs.  I love this vase.  Substantial size at 9" tall.  Signed.  Mint condition

Item #: 2210018

Schneider, Center Bowl

Center Bowl

Schneider glass is often colorful and this beauty is no exception.  This is a large center bowl with blue glass, shading to purple glass with orange mottles, on a deep purple (almost black) foot.  8½" tall x 11½" diameter.  Signed.  Mint condition.  Great price!

Item #: 1906043
Sold for $1,500

Schneider, Coneflower Vase

Coneflower Vase
Coneflower Vase

This is a great Schneider vase with hot applied orange coneflowers, as well as the flower centers, branches and buds.  After the vase cooled, the carver used a wheel to carve all the detail into the flower petals and flower center.  It was only done to the very best quality vases.

The size is substantial, at 7" tall x 9" diameter.  This is a top quality vase with the best techniques, color, and size.  For the very best collections.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2205012
Sold for $6,000

Schneider, Ewer


Colorful, diminutive ewer with rich color and mottling.  Applied handle.  6¾.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 1709011
Sold for $1,050

Schneider, Medallion Vase

Medallion Vase

I don't have enough words to describe how great this vase is, but I'll give it the old college try.  WOW!  How's that?  It's an amazing example of padding and intricate wheel-carving.  The bright orange flower incorporates elements of Art Deco and Japonisme.  It's killer, with fabulous work, an elegant shape and a great big size at 11¾" tall.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2210009
Sold for $13,750

Schneider, Miniature Vase

Miniature Vase

Schneider didn't make many mini vases.  This one is a rarity because of the size and because of the sophisticated applied decoration.  All in all, it's a rarity and a beauty.  3½".  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 1807008
Sold for $3,000

Schneider, Pitcher


Beautiful, big, colorful pitcher with applied handle.  15¾".  Very attractively priced.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 1712026
Sold for $3,100

Schneider, Poppy Vase

Poppy Vase
Poppy Vase

Schneider vases are usually colorful, but often not sophisticated.  This example is as good as it gets.  It has padded and applied poppies, buds and branches, an applied rim and applied foot, all with fabulous workmanship.  The colors are vivid and breath-taking. It's for the very best collections!  Substantial size at 12¼".  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2205013
Sold for $9,000

Schneider, Poppy Vase

Poppy Vase

Schneider glass doesn't get much better than this vase. The intensely colored red poppies with black centers were applied when the glass was molten, as well as the branches and top rim. When the vase cooled, an artist hand-carved the details in the flowers. It's a killer vase, near the top of the Schneider food chain. It's for the best collections. 8¼" tall. Signed. Mint condition.

Item #: 2209024
Sold for $9,500 in 2015

Schneider, Vase


Important and sophisticated vase with two applied bracelets. Mottled lemon yellow shading to orange. 17". Signed. Perfect condition. (#10903)

Item #: 10903
Sold for $3,500

Schneider, Vase


Important vase with applied and wheel-carved band with yellow and orange florets. 11½". Signed. Perfect condition. (#10429)

Item #: 10429
Sold for $7,200

Schneider, Vase


Beautiful mint green controlled-bubble vase with smoke grey applied "tears" and purple mottled foot. 7". Signed. Perfect condition. (#10545)

Item #: 10545

Schneider, Vase


High Art Deco with beautifully colored and mottled glass blown into a wrought iron cage. Nice size at 10¼". Signed "Schneider". Mint condition.

Item #: 17101
Sold for $3,000

Schneider, Vase


Excellent color with super internal decoration.  Nice flattened form with applied foot.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 1709010
Sold for $1,650

Schneider, Vase With Applications

Vase With Applications

The applied black teardrops and applied black foot make this a wonderful example of Charles Schneider's controlled bubble vases.  It's gorgeous and priced super right for immediate sale.  Nice size at 10½" tall.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2312003
Sold for $1,500 in 2014