Zodiac, Clock


The Zodiac pattern was one of Tiffany Studios's most popular patterns.  They produced it in several finishes.  Occasionally, they were special-ordered with hand-painted enameled Zodiac symbols.  Clocks are rare to begin with and much rarer with the enameling.  So what are you waiting for?  This is a great item.  Signed.  Excellent condition.

Item #: 2106010
Sold for $4,950

Zodiac, Frame


Everybody needs a frame and this one is particularly nice (and rare) because it's horizontal.  95% of Tiffany Studios' frames are vertical.  This one measures 7½" x 8½" for a standard 4" x 5" photo.  Good original patina.  Signed.

Item #: 2002062
Sold for $2,750

Zodiac, Frame


Zodiac is not a rare Tiffany Studios pattern because it was very popular when it was new. What makes this calendar frame rare is the beautiful original enameling. Nowadays people use these frames for photographs. It holds 4" x 6" photo. Signed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 943 on the back. Very good condition.

Item #: 2606054
Sold for $1,350 in 2017

Zodiac, Inkwell


Very fine original patina. Includes original glass inkwell. Signed. (#90685)

Item #: 65535

Zodiac, Paper Clip

Paper Clip

Desirable object in the Zodiac pattern. Gold doré finish in good condition with normal wear. Signed. (#10504)

Item #: 10504

Zodiac, Paperweight Perpetual Calendar

Paperweight Perpetual Calendar

A very useful item as a paperweight and a perpetual calendar.  The paper inserts are missing, so it's usually used for a wallet-sized photo.  Excellent patina.  Signed.  Mint condition.  Very reasonable price.

Item #: 1801206
Sold for $450

Zodiac, Scale


Scales are very desirable items in any Tiffany Studios desk set.  This Zodiac example has a #10 patina.  Scales don't get any nicer than this example.  Signed.  Original working condition.

Item #: 2310019
Sold for $1,350 in 2016

Zodiac, Scale


Zodiac scales are rare, even though Zodiac pieces in general are not.  This is a fine example, with very little wear to the gilding.  Signed.

Item #: 2102014
Sold for $1,400

Zodiac, Stamp Box

Stamp Box

Zodiac pattern, nice patina. Has original 3-section insert. Signed. (#31212)

Item #: 31212
Sold for $595

Zodiac, Utility Box

Utility Box
Utility Box

A utility box is a very nice addition to any desk set, well, because of the utility.  But you didn't need me to tell you that.  Great for rubber bands, paper clips, etc.  Nice original patina.  3½" x 5¼".  Signed.

Item #: 2002064
Sold for $1,050