Art Deco, Art Deco Candlesticks

Art Deco Candlesticks

Absolutely fabulous pair of blue Tiffany Furnaces candlesticks in the Art Deco pattern.  Signed.  Mint condition.  (#60645)

Item #: 60645
Sold for $6,250

Art Deco, Blue Clock

Blue Clock
Blue Clock

Tiffany Studios' clocks are desirable in any pattern, but especially Art Deco. This pattern comes with the enamel in several different colors -- blue, green, red, or cream. They're all good, but blue is one of my favorite. Signed. Excellent condition. (It may run. I haven't tried. I sell all clocks in as is condition.)

Item #: 2412102
Sold for $4,800 in 2015

Art Deco, Matchbox Holder/ashtray

Matchbox Holder/ashtray

Very nice desk accessory in the Art Deco pattern -- matchbox holder/ashtray.  There are multiple color combinations.  This one is blue enamel on gold-plated bronze.  Signed.  Excellent condition.

Item #: 1907024