Sell your antiques

Looking to sell your antiques?

If you're ready to sell, I'm ready to buy. You will get the fairest possible prices, courteous responses, professional dealings and confidential transactions. As long as you understand that I'm a full-time dealer and that I must make a fair profit on what I buy from you, then dealing with me will be easy.

I will buy a single item or a complete estate, especially big important collections. I want to buy art glass and lamps, especially anything of quality by Daum Nancy and Tiffany Studios. Sometimes I'm looking for particular items because I've had specific requests. For instance, right now I'm especially looking for fine Daum Nancy and Gallé glass; pâte-de-verre by Argy-Rousseau and A. Walter; and Tiffany Studios lamps and glass.

Photos are very helpful and important. You can email them or use regular mail. If you prefer to speak on the telephone, I'm available. Include a brief description of sizes and condition. Transactions will go smoothest if you tell me your asking price first. I will reply with a yes, no or possibly an offer. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Request to sell your antiques

At least one image is required; press "Ctrl" or "⌘" key to select up to 3 files, each file must be 20MB or less. IF YOUR PHOTOS ARE TOO LARGE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEND THEM.