Appraisals & authentications

Need an appraisal for yourself, your insurance company, your heirs?

Contemplating a purchase or maybe you just completed one? Inherited something and need information? For a very reasonable fee, you can have a professional appraisal or authentication. Find out BEFORE you make a serious mistake.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you would like professional advice on a pending or completed purchase? Suppose you find just the right object at an auction but you're not sure what to bid or to bid at all? Maybe you bought something from an antique shop or an auction or privately and want to increase your comfort level by obtaining an impartial expert opinion? Email me good digital photographs and in most cases I can reply in a timely fashion. My fee will be based on the number of items you need help with. The fee for one item is $150. Additional items are $100 each. Full day and 1/2 day rates are available. Use the "Contact" link in the black bar above to send me an email.

Insurance Companies

If you need a professional appraiser for claims settlement, please contact me. I can assist with appraisals or act as umpire in disputes with claimants.


Appraisal Request

At least one image is required; press "Ctrl" or "⌘" key to select up to 3 files, each file must be 20MB or less. IF YOUR PHOTOS ARE TOO LARGE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEND THEM.