Louis Icart, Attitudes


Oil on canvas, entitled "Attitudes", 20" x 24" + frame. Perfect condition. Signed. (#41210)

Item #: 41210

Louis Icart, Aux Trianons

Aux Trianons

I haven't had many Icart oil paintings for sale recently.  They're difficult to find, especially nice ones with good subject matter, so I'm lucky to be able to offer several wonderful examples.  This example, "Aux Trianons", is a delightful painting with Icart doing his best work.  The two beautiful women are meeting at the Trianons, accompanied by their Russian wolfhounds.  Nice large size at 20" x 24" + the frame.  Oil on canvas in excellent condition with no damage or restoration.  Signed lower right and titled on the back.

Item #: 1804032
Sold for $31,000

Louis Icart, Intimité


Two women are better than one when it comes to any of Icart's paintings and this one is a beauty.  Oil on masonite. 13" x 16" + frame. Excellent condition.

Item #: 50622

Louis Icart, Jour De Fète

Jour De Fète

Oil on masonite, entitled "Jour de Fète", 13" x 16". Perfect condition. Signed. (#11217)

Item #: 11217

Louis Icart, La Fenetre Ouverte

La Fenetre Ouverte

Oil on masonite, entitled "La Fenetre Ouverte", 13" x 16" + frame. Perfect condition. Signed. (#11169)

Item #: 11169

Louis Icart, New York

New York

Oil on canvas, entitled "New York", 20" x 24" + frame. This wonderful Red Period oil painting is signed and dated the exact day, January 17, 1923, that Icart was in New York at the tip of Manhattan looking out at the ships and the Statue of Liberty in the harbor. It must have been especially moving as the Statue of Liberty was donated to New York by his native country France. Perfect condition. Signed. (#50318)

Item #: 50318
Sold for $14,500

Louis Icart, Promenade En Barque

Promenade En Barque

Oil on masonite. Rare and most desirable subject matter. Signed. Titled on the back "Promenade en barque". 13" x 16" + frame. Painting perfect, frame distressed. (#01136)

Item #: 1136

Louis Icart, Rendezvous Dans Le Parc

Rendezvous Dans Le Parc

The most common size in Icart oil paintings is 13" x 16".  It's difficult to find larger paintings, especially with desirable subject matter.  "Rendezvous dans le Parc" is one of the best Icart oil paintings I've ever had.  It's big and colorful, 32" x 25½" + the frame.  The subject matter is the best, with three beautiful society women meeting in the park, escorted by their Russian wolfhounds.  The medium is oil on canvas.  The condition is excellent with no damage or restoration.  Signed lower right and titled on the back.

Item #: 1804033

Louis Icart, Reverie Du Soir

Reverie Du Soir

Fabulous subject matter and execution.  Signed lower left as well as titled, numbered and initialed on the back.  Oil on masonite.  13" x 16" + frame.  Excellent condition except for some losses mainly to the right side of the frame.

Item #: 50622