Other Makers, Edouard-Marcel Sandoz Fish

Edouard-Marcel Sandoz Fish

Edouard-Marcel Sandoz started working for Haviland & Co. in 1915.  Some of his most famous designs are from the 1920s, as is this fish sculpture.  It's fabulous, with all the correct markings from both Theodore Haviland and Sandoz.  9¾" tall.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2310001
Sold in 2014

Other Makers, Figurine


Royal Worcester figurine "Friday's child". Mint condition with the exception of one pinpoint nick at the base (unimportant). 6½" tall. (#10185)

Item #: 10185

Other Makers, German Portrait Vase

German Portrait Vase
German Portrait Vase

Richter was the artist who painted this gorgeous portrait of a maiden.  This diminutive, 4½" vase, has superior quality and superb condition, except for some rubbing of the gilding on the rim.  It's signed "Richter" in the artwork and "Reveuse" on the bottom, together with a gold mark over a "Bavaria" underglaze mark, plus "Germany" and "03181".  The gold overlay is mostly effaced to reveal the Bavaria mark underneath.  4½" tall.

Item #: 2311007
Sold for $1,000 in 2014

Other Makers, Limoges Portrait Vase

Limoges Portrait Vase

Isn't this a lovely Limoges vase?  It's beautifully hand-painted, gilded and jeweled, by a talented artist, with a portrait of a beautiful maiden. Big, at 14" tall.  Signed.  Mint condition.

Item #: 2407006
Sold for $700 in 2015

Other Makers, Longwy Paris Vase

Longwy <I>Paris</i> Vase
Longwy <I>Paris</i> Vase
Longwy <I>Paris</i> Vase

Longwy has been in business in France since 1798, but this vase is fairly modern, either 1983-1989 or 1991-1993, when Danillo Curetti, the designer, worked for them.  His designs are Art Deco-inspired and fabulous.  This model, entitled Paris, is fun, with the letters of Paris askew.  It's nice and big, 11" tall, about the size of a basketball, and comes with the original Longwy gift box.  Signed by both Longwy and Curetti and limited edition mark "60/100". Mint condition

Item #: 2405016
Sold for $2,850 in 2015

Other Makers, Moorcroft Vase

Moorcroft Vase
Moorcroft Vase

Absolutely gorgeous, early, 1913, Moorcroft vase with cornflower decoration. 2-handled. 12" tall. Signed and dated on the underside. Excellent original condition. 

Item #: 3312018
Sold for $1,850 in 2024

Other Makers, Vase


Fantastic decoration, limited edition, #7 of 100. Dates from the 1980's. Perfect condition. Signed by the company and the artist, Danillo Curetti. 10" tall x 10" diameter. (#10314)

Item #: 10314
Sold for $1,850