Venetian, Bookends

Item #: 1801007
Sold for $2,500

Venetian, Frame


There is no more utilitarian desk object than a frame and this one is in fabulous condition with great original enameling.  It's a nice large size for an 8" x 10" photo.  Signed.

Item #: 1801010
Sold for $5,500

Venetian, Inkwell


Venetian pattern in good original condition with original blue enameling. Normal wear to the gold and the enameling. Signed "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1700".

Item #: 10502
Sold for $525

Venetian, Letter Rack

Letter Rack

A letter rack is often confused with a paper rack.  This model with the open sides is a letter rack and it's much rarer than a paper rack.  It's in killer condition with the original enameling.  If ever you wanted a #10 condition item, this is it.  Signed. 

Item #: 60629
Sold for $2,100

Venetian, Note Pad

Note Pad

Very useful note pad in excellent original condition.  Signed. 

Item #: 50917
Sold for $875

Venetian, Paper Rack

Paper Rack

No matter how hard you look, you'll never find a nicer Venetian paper rack than this one.  The original enameling is practically in new condition.  Just a great example.  Signed.

Item #: 1801009
Sold for $2,500

Venetian, Paperweight Perpetual Calendar

Paperweight Perpetual Calendar

This is a useful item.  It acts as a paperweight while at the same time is a perpetual calendar.  The inserts are original.  It can also be used for a wallet-sized photo.  Original enameling in wonderful condition.  Signed.

Item #: 1801008
Sold for $1,250

Venetian, Pen Tray

Pen Tray

Venetian pattern in excellent original condition. Signed "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1642". Hard to find one in nicer condition.

Item #: 50918
Sold for $575