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Tiffany Studios , 6-Branch Candelabrum

6-Branch Candelabrum

Tiffany candelabra come in many variations from single candles to twelve candles. They also come in both candle and electric versions, with or without shades.

This example is one of the rarest and the best. It's a 6-branch candelabrum, originally electric, with 6 matching shades and jeweled candle holders. It also comes with a snuffer in the back, which is just decorative, since you can't snuff out electric bulbs. The switch is in the front.

The patina is original and gorgeous. The candelabrum is properly signed underneath, as well as each shade on its fitter rim. The condition of the shades is excellent, with only a few minor nicks on the fitter rims of some of the shades.

You would be hard pressed to find a rarer or better example. It's for the BEST COLLECTIONS!

Item #: 3401100
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