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R. Lalique, Moineaux clock
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R. Lalique, Moineaux Clock

Some Lalique clock models are more common than others. This is a model I haven't had before. In fact, I couldn't find it in Marchilhac's catalogue raisonné. There was a model pictured with the same birds, but not the square shape. 

Besides its beauty and rarity, this example has a fascinating history. The markings on the gorgeous ATO face show that it was originally sold in Tunisia. On the back, there is an engraved inscription to Mr. Vérité, dated the day before New Year's Eve, 1930, Tunisia, showing the clock was given as a gift for his promotion to Commander of the Tunisian General Treasury. How cool is that? I've always been curious about the history of the objects I buy and sell and rarely got an answer.

Now for the clock itself. It has a beautiful, original blue patina in the recesses. The birds are not brown (as in the photo). What you're seeing is the wood backing on the clock that's showing through the glass. Clocks like this often have chips on the corners, but the condition is impeccable. It has a perfect engraved "R. LALIQUE FRANCE" signature. Mint condition.

The clock has the complete original mechanism, but needs a battery that I doubt is made anymore. I'm selling the clock as a decorative object and do not guarantee the clock to be in working order. In the past, I've replaced the entire internal mechanism with a tiny quartz movement for anyone who wants the clock to work. The clock will keep perfect time and appear totally original from the outside.