Tiffany Studios, 10

Tiffany Studios, 10" green Favrile floor lamp

ITEM # 2706013

This is another one of my recent purchases of Tiffany Favrile floor lamps. This example has some wonderful features. First it has a gorgeous 10" diameter green Favrile shade with gold iridescent spider web decoration on the top and a border of gold iridescent hooked feather decoration. The base has removeable accessories that include a drink tray and a magazine rack. The condition of the shade is mint and the base is excellent, with a rich green-brown patina. The shade is signed "L.C.T. Favrile", but is very difficult to photograph. The base is signed "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK".

Tiffany Studios, 17

Tiffany Studios, 17" diameter Poppy

ITEM # 2910016

Details soon

Tiffany Studios, 18

Tiffany Studios, 18" Oak Leaf & Acorn

ITEM # 2912037

18" diameter. Details soon.

Tiffany Studios, Arabian lamp

Tiffany Studios, Arabian lamp

ITEM # 2812004

This model lamp was called Arabian by Tiffany Studios. The decoration is zipper pattern. This model, in tan, is particularly nice because it's totally original, including the socket (but not the wiring, which is new and electrically safe). The color match between the shade and base is excellent. It's properly signed L.C.Tiffany - Favrile on the inside lower rim of the shade, as well as on the underside of the base. 14¼" tall. Mint condition. If you've been looking for a wonderful example, with no excuses, this lamp is for you.

Tiffany Studios, Herringbone lamp

Tiffany Studios, Herringbone lamp

ITEM # 2901100

Details soon