Tiffany Studios, 16

Tiffany Studios, 16" Colonial variation

ITEM # 3003013

This fine 16" diameter lamp is a moderately rare variation of the Colonial model, pictured in Tiffany Lamps & Metalware by Alistair Duncan on page 178, figure 707. The background glass is pastel green; the narrow geometric bands and "dragonfly wings" have more yellow; and all the intersections have white opalescent glass jewels. The condition is very good, with scattered heat cracks (some pictured in photo 4). It is signed on the interior lower rim TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1595. The leadwork is finished in an original, beautiful patina. The base is referred to as an Art Nouveau stick base. It has three original sockets and is finished in an original gold doré, with normal wear. This is a great lamp for a beginner or a decorator. The price is very reasonable.

Tiffany Studios, 16

Tiffany Studios, 16" Crocus

ITEM # 2710002

The selection of glass is what differentiates one Tiffany lamp from another of the same model. This gorgeous 16" diameter Crocus lamp has very special mottled glass. It's dash-numbered 9, indicating it was part of a limited run of lamps, usually 10 or fewer, where the glass was carefully chosen. Add a wonderful ribbed library base with a fabulous original patina and you've got a superb lamp. Signed and numbered on both the shade and base. Very few, if any, hairline cracks. No restoration. Very fairly priced.

Tiffany Studios, 19

Tiffany Studios, 19" Linenfold

ITEM # 2912011

Details soon.

Tiffany Studios, Arabian lamp

Tiffany Studios, Arabian lamp

ITEM # 2812004

This model lamp was called Arabian by Tiffany Studios. The decoration is zipper pattern. This model, in tan, is particularly nice because it's totally original, including the socket (but not the wiring, which is new and electrically safe). The color match between the shade and base is excellent. It's properly signed L.C.Tiffany - Favrile on the inside lower rim of the shade, as well as on the underside of the base. 14¼" tall. Mint condition. If you've been looking for a wonderful example, with no excuses, this lamp is for you.