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Tiffany Studios, 10" Linenfold counterbalance floor lamp
Item # 2805100

SOLD PRICE: $17,500

Tiffany Studios, 10" Linenfold Counterbalance Floor Lamp

I get about one green Linenfold shade for every five I buy. They're moderately rare and very desirable. This example is a beauty, with vivid green color. The base is a very fine counterbalance example with a decorated column. The base platform is ribbed, with eight fancy, turned feet. The acid-speckled original finish is in very nice condition. So is the shade, with no hairline cracks and no restoration. The shade has a full signature "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK PAT APPL'D 1936", while the base has the usual "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK" signature. 10" diameter shade. The lamp is approximately 54" tall, depending on the position of the arm.