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Schneider, Tulip vase
Item # 2806039

Schneider, Tulip Vase

Charles Schneider created some of the most beautiful Art Deco French glass. This important example uses a technique where the decoration was applied while the glass was molten. Needless to say, it was quite difficult and was only successful when executed by the finest craftsmen of the company. Each color had to be applied separately while the first worker held the molten vase at the end of a punty (a metal rod that attaches to the vase during its production) and another worker applied the decoration. You can imagine the difficulty and skill necessary. 

The single, raised flower appears against a heavily mottled and shaded orange to yellow background. The vase was then applied to a deep purple foot, again while all the pieces were molten hot.

This rare, museum-quality, stupendous vase is now available for sale. It can grace your display cabinet. It's the perfect size at 9¼" tall. Engraved signature, Schneider, on the foot. Mint condition.