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Gallé (Galle), Blownout hyacinth vase
Item # 2608009

Gallé (Galle), Blownout Hyacinth Vase

Gallé (Galle) blownout vases were produced in molds. Subject matter varies from flowers to fruit to animals. They are all rarer and more desirable than similar vases that are not blownout.

This fantastic example is a blownout Hyacinth vase. It's quite special because the color is vibrant and the technique is windowpane. This technique framed the flowers with no color behind them, so the yellow color of the background doesn't mix with the red of the flowers (creating orange flowers).

Impressive cabinet size at 12" tall. Acid-etched cameo signature on the side of the vase Gallé (Galle). Mint condition.