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Daum Nancy, Wild orchids & spider web vase
Item # 2010041
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SOLD PRICE: $3,800

Daum Nancy, Wild Orchids & Spider Web Vase

This vase has so much going for it, I don't know where to start, but I'll try.  First there is the subject matter of wild orchids and spider webs.  Daum Nancy wild orchid vases come with or without spider webs and you guessed it -- spider webs are a fantastic addition, the equivalent of adding a dragonfly.  Next comes the great color with a purple mottled background in the bulbous section.  Lastly comes the great shape, called a solifleur in French, or bud vase in English.  This is a top-notch, highly collectible vase.  5¾".  Signed.  Mint condition.