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Daum Nancy, Applied Acorn vase
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SOLD PRICE: $11,500

Daum Nancy, Applied Acorn Vase

I was thrilled to acquire this special Daum Nancy Nancy vase with applied and wheel-carved acorns, insects and cabochon. It's a very sophisticated vase with multiple techniques, all labor-intensive. First the vase was formed by the gaffer, followed by layering with colored powders (for the leaves and background). This was followed by the application of colored foil to the surface, which was covered with clear molten glass. (Remember this was all done while the glass was hot.) On cooling, the cold vase was given to the carver, who hand-engraved the detail in the two acorns, one red insect, one green insect, and one gold cabochon. He also carved a martelé design into the background, to look like hammered copper. Finally he hand-engraved the signature along the foot rim. It's a gorgeous, important vase, for the best collections. Nice size at 7½" tall. Mint condition.