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Daum Nancy, Applied berry vase
Item # 2812052


Daum Nancy, Applied Berry Vase

When a flower has been padded and wheel-carved, it means that it was applied when the glass was molten. On cooling, the details were hand-carved by a master craftsman. This superb example shows the color and detail that can be achieved by these very difficult and sophisticated techniques.

This example has beautiful blue berries and green leaves, all with the detail that is only possible with wheel-carving. Additionally, there are two handles that were applied when the glass was molten. They only add to the beauty and sophistication of this important, museum-quality vase.

Signed with an impressive wheel-carved signature on the side of the vase, DAUM NANCY, together with the Cross of Lorraine. At 12" tall, it's the perfect cabinet size. For the best collections.