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Daum Nancy, Applied fruit vase
Item # 3006005

SOLD PRICE: $6,500

Daum Nancy, Applied Fruit Vase

For those of you who don't know, padding and wheel-carving are difficult techniques requiring the most skilled of craftsmen. The orange glass for the fruit was applied when the glass was molten. On cooling, the shapes of the leaves and signature were first acid-etched. Then all of the detail of the leaves and fruit were hand-carved by a master craftsman. This superb example shows the color and detail that can be achieved by these very sophisticated techniques.

The shape is one of the best you can ask for in Daum Nancy Nancy, with pulled tips and notches in the rim. At 9" tall, it's the perfect cabinet size.

The signature DAUM NANCY, together with the Cross of Lorraine, is acid-etched on the side of the vase, toward the bottom. The condition is mint, like the day it left the factory. The vase is museum-quality, for the best collections.